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Our Story

Personal Chef Singapore was founded in 2008 by Chef John Sawarto who believes in luxurious and exclusive dining experience at your own premise. We are a personal chef company composed of chefs from all culinary background with a passion for creating memorable dining experiences for you! Professionally trained in The Culinary Institute of America, USA and the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, homes of the finest in culinary arts and cut our teeth with experience in the demanding Michelin-starred fine-dining restaurants worldwide. Our Chefs are well versed in cuisines of French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, South East Asian, Japan, Korea and the list goes on. We are continually enhancing our pool of talents with passionate chefs equipped with a variety of the world's cuisine. Our tantalizing culinary creations are specially prepared with the freshest & top quality ingredients by our trained chefs under the supervision of Chef John Sawarto. We have a strict no-compromise policy that will please the most discerning customers. We are deeply committed to our belief that such events are important moments in the sands of time to our customers.


Ergo, the creation of these moments should be nothing less than magic.

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