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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs



How This Works Or How I Go About Doing A Party?

Step 1: Contact Us
Step 2: Reply With A Simple Q&A (Optional)
Step 3: Chef Will Design Menu According To Your Preferences
Step 4: Menu Verification & Reservation Confirmation
Step 5: Down Payment
Step 6: Chef & Team Turns Up At Your Location
Step 7: Bon Appetit
Step 8: Outstanding Payment
Step 9: Team Packs Up & Leave



What Are Your Rates/Pricing?

Our rates are customisable. We have Chef's Suggested Menu for reference (Please click MENU option above). Should you require a special menu, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.



Any Minimum Numbers?

Yes, but dependable on the party size or menu selection.


Who Are Our Clients?

Private, Corporate, Socialites, Celebrities, High NetWorthed Individuals, Fortune 500, MNCs & SMEs

Due to privacy matters, kindly contact us and request for a clientele reference or testimonial.



How Different Are We From Catering Companies?

​Our Chef prepares the food at your premises by maximising fresh & quality produce from the world. Food is served course by course and cooked ala minute. By doing so, we are serving you the best flavour, texture and taste.



How We Differentiate From Our Competitor?

We are not an agent by a direct owner, hence no extra charges or markup. We own the company, hire our own team, source for our own supplies and train our own chefs and butlers. We are a team of professionals with certified hospitality background. What else can we say?



What Cuisines Can I Choose?

We are a team of chefs with different culinary backgrounds. We are well versed in most international cuisines.


Can I Change The Chef's Recommended Menu?

Yes, you may. But within the suggested dishes.



What If I Want A Special Menu Of My Own?

Yes, we can design something that suits you and your guest and according to your preferred recipes and budget.



Kids Menu Available?

Yes, we offer dining options for children.


What do I Need To Prepare?

One of the things we always believe in is to provide our customers a hassle free dining experience! You are most likely hassle free except that you need to provide ample space for table top, work area, fridge & freezer prior to the event. Unless there are specific prior arrangements.



Where Is The Cooking Done?

It will be done mostly in your kitchen/work area.


Payment Mode

Credit Card, Paypal, Telegraphic Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash



Down Payment?

Yes, we require a security deposit of 50% prior to the event.




Upon confirmation and down payment, any cancellation/postponement will incur a 25% penalty.



Prices Includes GST?

Extra 7% Goods & Service Tax Applicable To Total Bill 



What Is Included In The Menu Price Quote?

Menu prices quote includes chef on site, ingredients, food preparation and cooking only. Excludes tables, chairs, table cloth, dining crockery, glassware, table decoration and flowers. You can request for additional items quote if needed.



I Don't Have A Proper Kitchen. Is It Still Possible?

Rest assure you do not require any kitchen! Let our chef team know in advance and we will bring the kitchen to you!


Do You Provide Dining Porcelains And Utensils?

Yes, we do. But it is optional (Charges applicable if we were to provide)


What Esle Do You Provide?

We work closely with Event Organisers i.e. value adding services of DJs, Musicians, Magicians, Emcees, the list goes on. Let us know what you need and we will take care of it.



Do You Provide Beverages And Wine?

Yes, we have a beverage list designed by our consultant sommelier.



Any Corkage Charges?

B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bottle) is allowed. We will not charge any corkage Beverage list available upon request.



Do I Have To Pay For Service Butlers?

Yes, you will have to pay according to the number of butlers needed (Recommends 1 Service Butler For 6 Guests)



How About Cleaning Up?

We offered a full cleaning service of dining area and kitchen after meals. It will be chargeable.



I Have Domestic Helpers

You can get your helper to serve and cleanup instead. There will not be any charges from our end.



Are Customisation Allowed?

Yes, we will do our best to customise our services to suit your needs.



How Do I Book?

Call Us: +65 6386 1816
Whatsapp / SMS Us: +65 97337537
Drop A Message Here for our Chef Butler to call you for confirmation



How Much Notice Period?

We always advise our customers to book early as we need ample time to churn out our gourmet dishes. 5 days notice is always advisable. In case of less minute notice, please contact us directly at +65 97337537

Cancellation/Refund Policy
To be confirmed upon management approval.
Cancellation of booking must be notified and reached us in writing/email before the event date.
No cancellation through phone is allowed unless as stated otherwise.
Cancellation more than 14 days notice prior to the scheduled event date, we will refund 100% of the amount paid but an administrative fee of $50.00 is applicable to process the refund upon your cancellation of the event booked once payment has been made.
Cancellation between 7-14 days notice prior to the schedule event date, we will only refund 50% of the full amount paid.
Cancellation less than 7 days notice prior to the schedule event date, we will NOT REFUND the amount paid.
In the event we cancels the event you have booked, we will refund 100% of the amount paid but with no other compensation unless stated otherwise.


Postponement Policy
Postponement of booking must be notified and reached us in writing/email before the event date with minimum 3 working days. However, postponement of booking to another date is subject to chef's availability and confirmation.



Any FAQs not in here?  

Cannot find what you need more help on? Kindly contact us on +65 97337537 and our chef butler will be glad to assist you!




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